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The Australian College of Higher Education provides 3 key education programs that can help you with education and/or employment, for more information about each of our programs and courses we provide, please check out Our Programs.

Our educational programs include the development of core skills in the areas of learning, reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy. The employment training components include developing employability skills in communication, teamwork, problem solving, initiative and enterprise, planning and organising, self-management, learning and technology.

Here’s what our learners have to say:

  • "It's been a great experience for me and I enjoy going to 2C4S and I learnt a lot."
  • "‘I like 2C4S because I get so much help and get work done, coach is nice and understanding.’"
  • "‘I love 2C4S because I’m able to get back into studying. I like the fact of working one on one with a Coach and the Coaches are wonderful to work with.’"
  • "‘This program has helped me get into an educational routine and re-engage in an educational program.’"
  • "2Cool4school is fun and helpful, and it’s good to work at your own pass and it’s the first course I’ve ever completed.’"
  • "I think this course is great because I’m learning important skills. I am not sure what I will do next. I look forward to my classes with Andy as he is a great Coach."
  • "I love and enjoy doing this schooling, it’s teaching me a lot, I’ve learnt so much I would recommend it to all my friends and family to take it on if they can and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher she is the best one I have ever seen and explains everything real well if I don’t understand it."
  • "‘2Cool4School is fun I enjoy learning.’"